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Earth Day

Today I went over to M’s place to help him clean.  We did some good work.  I feel happy to have helped.  I dusted some books with a rag which was made from an old teeshirt.  I had my hand in the teeshirt’s pocket.

Then we went to Fremont Community Garden to dump some kitchen stuff in the compost bin.  Someone was there turning the compost, and M asked her if she was enjoying it.  She said no.  So when she was exhausted, we took over for her.  I used a pitchfork to loosen the plant matter, then a shovel to shovel it into the next bin.   It was hot outside, and the sweat poured off me.  I had not seen so many bugs in a long time.  Eventually I took a break in the shade of the shed, and M finished for us as I felt my arm muscles burn.  Later he said something about how it was Earth Day, and how turning compost was more appropriate than going to the Southside Park celebration. 

Then we worked on an interview.  I typed M’s words as he spoke.  It’s for functionally ill 13, the interview issue!  I’m excited.  It’s almost done.

Then we had lunch at the Chinese place across from Beer’s Books.  They really didn’t have all that much vegetarian food, but it was inexpensive.  And we were the only customers there.  A tv played the news in another language and a non-customer sat watching it.  I liked M’s noodles more than I liked my, uh, whatever it was.  Tofu with veggies in a clearish-white sauce.

Then we went back to M’s place and did some consolidation of boxes.  Then I came home and fed Erik some of the leftover Chinese food.  He’s sick with a cold. 

I always remember that Earth Day is my ex-father-in-law’s birthday.  If you’re reading, ex-father-in-law, happy birthday.

The new blogger thing is showing me analytics, and I learned that 106 people viewed my blog on the 16th.  Wtf?  I’m famous!  Thanks, readers.

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