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tale of five printers

We had a printer that worked for many years.  I think it was from before Erik and I were together.  Is that possible, 12 years?  I do not know.

And it stopped feeding paper, so it no longer worked.  So we decided to get a new printer at a thrift store.  We bought one and the driver downloaded automatically and it printed but poorly.  The output isn’t good enough for my needs, and probably wouldn’t be good enough for most people’s needs. 

So I asked for a printer on freecycle, and someone offered me a printer with no ink–I thought I could do better and never replied.  (I should reply.)

So we bought another thrift store printer.  But it didn’t work either.  We couldn’t get the computer and printer to communicate.

And so we bought a third thrift store printer this afternoon.  It prints blank pages.

At this point we are wondering why people donate non-working printers to thrift stores.  I am also wondering if we had incredibly bad luck or if a printer’s just not the kind of thing that should be bought at a thrift store.  I’m also wondering how to proceed. 

My bestie offered that I could email her the pages and she could print them out and mail them to me, but I use OpenOffice which she doesn’t use, so I don’t think that’d work.  Also, we need our own printer because Erik always prints maps before he goes hiking. 

Any ideas of what we should do?

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Take all of your non-functioning printers to a handyperson who fixes printers. Maybe you could do a trade? (Turn in all the printers for one functional printer.)

I like to believe that people donate non-functional electronics to thrift stores in the hopes that a handyperson will scoop them up, fix them, and resell them.


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