Dangerous Compassions

dark chocolate covered almonds

Today we went to the park. I got two books out from the library to see if I might like to read them. Erik helped me pick them out, Life of Pi and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, both books that he actually wants to read.

I walked. I ate dark chocolate covered almonds. I read a zine about women on fishing boats. It’s very good. I want to review it.

At home, I made tofu scramble, and we have leeks, so I put a leek in it instead of half an onion. Turned out great. I also put in some fresh sage because we had that, from our CSA. The sage was strong but not overpowering. Kind of like me.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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"The sage was strong but not overpowering. Kind of like me." Haha, love it!

Is the fishing zine one that I sent you? If so, I really liked it too and am looking forward to your review.

Yes, willow! The fishing zine is the one you sent me. I reviewed it on my review blog.

Thanks, anonymom, for loving me!

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