Dangerous Compassions

occupied Davis

Hello, friends. Today we occupied Davis. I was there for about an hour then went to the arboretum. Erik stayed for more than two. We heard kids talk about getting pepper sprayed. We stood in a big group, and there was a little chanting. (Whose university? Our university!) Some people had climbed up into a tree. There was a lot of press with video cameras. And the chancellor spoke. I wasn’t there for the chancellor’s speech. She was doing some damage control–before, she said she supported the behavior of the pepper spraying cops. Now she’s changed her tune and doesn’t want to resign like so many people are asking her to. Erik stayed for the general assembly meeting, so he learned the hand signals and everything. He taught them to me, so now I know the sign to make when someone’s rambling.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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