Dangerous Compassions


Our vacuum cleaner stopped sucking a while ago, and our carpet needs a vacuuming pretty bad. A few days ago I asked for a working vacuum cleaner on freecycle, and this morning someone got back to me. So this evening we made the journey out to Folsom and had a great time. We drove past the historic downtown, saw some beautiful river views, saw the dam–it was getting dusky.

Also on the subject of machines, my loved mp3 player seems to have died. Sadly I lay my mp3 player to rest. First about half a year ago Erik broke the clip. Then a week or two ago, the volume button broke, so it was stuck at a particular volume. Then today it just won’t turn on, and when I plug it in to charge, nothing happens. So I think it’s dead, which is sad for me–it was my first mp3 player, and I loved it.

Today I also dropped my headphones. They were already missing the fluffy stuff, the fluffy black material to cushion the headphones on your ears. But when I dropped them today, I was at the park, and they landed on concrete. The left ear thing broke off, and one of the wires broke loose. So now I only get sound in my right ear.

Still I’m listening to my new Lemuria album–I put it on Erik’s mp3 player. Love it! Erik’s cut his hair and trimmed his beard with the electric clippers, and I got the spots he missed with scissors, shaved his neck with the electric shaver–it’s like a ritual. He’s in the shower to wash all the hair bits off of him. We haven’t vacuumed the carpet yet.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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