Dangerous Compassions

our Berkeley day

This morning when we woke up we were trying to figure out what to do today. I wanted to make some photocopies because I was running low on a couple zines that were reviewed in Zine World 30 so I’m getting orders for them. So we went to Berkeley.

On the way we stopped at a rest stop. This rest stop was closed for remodeling for something like a year, so I was kind of excited to go there after it being closed for so long. It’s the rest stop overlooking Six Flags or whatever you call the amusement park with roller coasters.

Then in Berkeley I made copies. I was kind of shocked to find out that the place I go to got new copy machines. They’re so fast! I figured out how to use them right away. Very easy.

Then we went to Tilden Park where Erik hiked four hours and I wrote letters and read zines. I read a vegan cookzine, a Truckface, and the Fresno thrift store zine. They were all good, especially the Truckface. I was doing great (except it was cold) until a bunch of kids with fake guns overran my picnic area. Then I left and went to the car with 45 minutes left before Erik was done hiking. I listened to Sufjan Stevens in the car and made a list of stupid things I’ve done. I think it will end up as a poem. Everyone should make a list of stupid things they’ve done and make a poem out of it, or maybe draw a comic of it. If I could draw, that’s what I would draw.

Then we went to our favorite restaurant and ate Indian-Pakistani food. Yum.

Then we talked on the drive home. The end!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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