Dangerous Compassions


The pilot keeps going out, and I relight it with matches. Last night when we got home, it was 54 in our apartment. During the night the pilot went out, and it was 54 again when we woke up this morning.

Last night we went to vegan Indian food with our friend A. It was pretty tasty. Then we went to a comedy club. We had never been to one before. The audience was very sparse. In fact–it was improv–there were as many people on stage as there were in the audience. The premise of the improv was In Your Facebook–they pull someone from the audience and look through their facebook to find things to improv about. It was pretty funny. It started out not so funny and got better.

I liked the place in that it seemed pretty DIY–it wasn’t slick and polished. The fact that there were so few people made me think they might not be doing well, but there are other shows. The person introducing the show we attended said that on some other day, there would be an improv match between people who are drunk and people who are high.

Speaking of drunk, while we were walking through the city we were passed on the sidewalk by someone who was so drunk he couldn’t walk straight. He told us, “I’m the most beautiful man in Sacramento,” looking right at me. It made me really uncomfortable, but he moved on, talking to other people he passed on the street too.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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