Dangerous Compassions

the city

Yesterday we went to San Francisco. It was fun to see a part of the city we were unfamiliar with, the area near Civic Center BART station.

First we went to the Ferry Building where I got a salt caramel vegan donut from Pepple’s Donuts. It was delicious. I devoured it.

Then we went to Erik’s favorite bookstore Green Apple. I got some cards and Erik got some books.

Then we went to a favorite Indian-Pakistani restaurant in the Tenderloin called Chutney. We loved our food.

Then we went to Civic Center and looked at the books for sale at the library and walked through a farmers market and sat in the shade–it was hot.

Then I was going to a meeting, and we walked around there for a long time looking for a place for Erik to wait while I was at the meeting for two hours. Randomly we ended up visiting a Honda dealership to get a new dipstick for our car–it’s been broken for years.

Then I had an excellent meeting, and I want to go return.

Then we took the BART back to West Oakland station and got our car and drove home. It was a long-ass happy day.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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