Dangerous Compassions

recording poems, Mt Tam

My digital voice recorder finally arrived, and I started recording poems right away, lots of Wallace Stevens but some others too. “The Moose” by Elizabeth Bishop is pretty long. Well, I had to figure out how to work it first. I still have the feeling there’s a lot I don’t understand, but I know enough.

Now it’s SAT scoring time. If I want to record while Erik works his 12 hour days, I’ll need to go to the car.

It’s fog world outside. The mechanic called this morning at 7:35!

Yesterday we went to Mt Tam again, and Berkeley for an early dinner of Indian-Pakistani food. I wrote letters, read my book about celebrity suicides, and walked beside a beautiful creek while Erik hiked earnestly.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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