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surprise visit with M

This morning I made breakfast, messed around on the computer, worked a little, and was writing a letter when my cell phone started vibrating, which is unusual–I get few calls. I didn’t hear it vibrate because I had headphones on–Erik had to tell me. So I answered the phone, and it was M telling me she was downstairs waiting for me. I had totally forgotten that she was coming to see me today.

So I threw on some clothes, got my black bag, and ran downstairs. It was a shock to be out and with M so suddenly. We went to our favorite cafe where she had a cappuccino and I had ginger tangerine tea. Then we went to Fox & Goose for lunch. It was really fun. I was more relaxed than ever. We spoke of going up to her cabin when it’s snowy. At the cafe I got a sunburn because we were sitting outside and the sun was shining on me.

By funny coincidence the people sitting at the next table at the cafe had gone to see Ghost Bird last night, and they were talking about the movies playing next week for Halloween.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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The movies next week for Halloween would be fun! You should come! I know the horror genre is not to your liking, but, heck, its halloween! You need to be scared atleast once in a year, right? 🙂

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