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A week ago I got a beautiful 10 page letter in the mail from my penpal H in the Netherlands. I didn’t read it right away because her handwriting is so challenging and I never felt focused enough. She wrote most of it while vacationing in Warsaw. She spoke of some recent travel to Minsk. She spoke of some couchsurfers who stayed with her before she left. (I finally finished reading it last night.)

Anyway, H is a German person–she’s in the Netherlands for school. And I have had great luck with German penpals. One of my favorite penpals of all time E was German, and she also wrote 10 page letters in exquisite difficult handwriting.

So now I need to write back. I’m afraid I have no exotic travels to talk about. But maybe I can write a good letter anyway.

By Laura-Marie

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10 page letters? That is so wonderful!

In the age of the Interwebs, writing a 10 page letter must be a rarity! Atleast for me – I mean, I rarely get a letter, to being with! sigh! In fact, as I recall, I never got any letters ever (except for the official kinds)! My folks used to get a lot of letters and I used to relish opening the letter for them and asking them to read them to me (because I did not know how to read my native language. :P)

Yes–it is wonderful. And you never know–you could get a letter at any time. Especially if you become a zinester–lots of letter writing among the zinesters. 🙂

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