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Old Joy

This evening we watched a movie called Old Joy. It’s a very beautiful film. Two guys go camping together. Thanks to our new friend A for loaning this movie to us.

Also, we made broccoli bulgar soup. It tastes kind of good, kind of boring. We made it and it was way too thin, so we added another cup of bulgar wheat, simmered it for another 20 minutes, let it sit for a long time, and it thickened up.

We’ve been listening to the new Sufjan Stevens album Age of Adz. You can hear the whole thing. My favorite song is “Too Much.”

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Hmm, you sound like a teacher. 🙂

The men go into hot tubs out in the forest. They have a dog with them. It's very arty–the characters have deep conversations, and there are shots of their still faces. One of the guys is unpredictable and maybe a bit nuts. The other guy, who we seem to be identifying with more, is stable and kind. There's lush greenness as they hike. There are a couple funny moments. It's really good–you should see it. I think you'd like it, HH.

That's so funny! I picked this movie up the last time we were at the video store, read the synopsis on the back but then put it back. I was really on the fence though. I almost showed it to MC to see what he thought.
I'll get it next time for sure.
Thanks LM and Erik.

If any of you would like to, read the original source of the idea behind the film: "Livability: Stories" by Jon Raymond. Superb writer!

The movie differs from the short story in that the director puts in some political twist to it (Do not read the short story before watching the film. I did that and it kind of took the edge off the movie. So I had to re-watch the movie more than once to find the elements that were different from the book and found that the film definitely stands on its own). If any of you are interested, you can watch the director's view behind the making of the film:

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