Dangerous Compassions

butterflies in my stomach

Saturday I saw my friend S who left for Burning Man yesterday. We ate Mexican food for dinner and really talked. I think it was our first time just the two of us since we were teenagers. It was a real treat. Then we stopped by his place to see the green RV and meet S’s dad.

Yesterday I saw my friend A–he took me grocery shopping and to a new park. I stood by while he chose what steak to buy and was suprised when he didn’t get any beer–he said he’d been drinking a lot since his girlfriend dumped him a month ago. At the park we walked around a track he said was half a mile, and I lost my breath, I guess because he’s tall and walks faster than I do.

Soon I’m going to my old high school to see a good friend J who teaches English there. It will be lunch time. I will bring him an apple from See Canyon, a Burgundy. I’m nervous to sneak on campus because I’m not so young anymore. I don’t think I’ll blend in. I thought about bringing my bakcpack.

Then at noon my bestie will come see me. It’s been a friend-filled weekend. She and I will go out to lunch and to the park.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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