Dangerous Compassions

pancakes, Target, swing

Last night I made nutritional yeast pancakes. They were disgusting! It was some random recipe I found on the internet, three ingredients.

Then tonight I made vegan pumpkin pancakes. They were so good! However, they were super thick so it took forever to cook them. I should have added more water. Also, there was nothing in them to sweeten them, so I ate them with maple syrup, which is crazy sugar.

We have been to Target three times in the past two days, looking for backpacking stuff. Arg! And we were supposed to be boycotting them because they gave a ton of money to an anti-gay political candidate. Oops. We went there looking for a string you put on your glasses, around the back–Erik wanted one to be sure his glasses wouldn’t come off while he looked over the edge of a cliff. Anyway, they didn’t have any. And we went there looking for hiking socks yesterday before getting some at REI. And then we went there for a certain type of underwear–really, there is no K-Mart. Where are you supposed to buy underwear if you’re not going to Target or Walmart? I guess we could have gone to Kohls.

Someone put a swing in one of the magnolia trees in the courtyard of our apartment complex. When I sit here at my computer desk I can see a kid swinging and the tree moving as if it were very windy.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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