Dangerous Compassions

finished shopping

Invested in two pairs of hiking socks for Erik today, one blueish and one greenish. It’s good to finish shopping. Now we can wash laundry and be one step closer to finishing our preparations.

It’s been hot–today’s high was supposed to be 106. Hot moments in parking lots. Feels like summer in Sacramento. It’s cooling off a lot this weekend, though.

We got Erik a new lens cap and little memory card for his camera. We went to Elliot’s natural food store, which we hadn’t visited in a long time (it’s next door to the camera shop). We looked around at all the food, and I tried a peanutbutter pretzel. But I don’t like pretzels. We looked at lip balm.

I got a nice letter from K who developed a new policy of two items on her to do list per day. I like that idea. Do two things, and do them well.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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