Dangerous Compassions

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I visited myspace today. A friend occasionally posts to his blog there, and so I read his post, and he’s moving, so I messaged him for his new address. I always send him zines. Anyway, I looked at my profile there and started cracking up at some of the things I said like, “If you’re not really smart, I’m not really interested.”

Guess what? I made chia pudding tonight. It’s okay. I told Erik, “I’m not really convinced this is pudding, but do you want to try it?” He liked it. You just take a cup of soymilk or whatever and mix it with a fourth cup of chia seeds and add a pinch of salt and a generous dollop of agave nectar. Mix. Let it sit for 15 minutes on the counter or overnight in the fridge or whatever. Yeah.

Guess what else? We went to Auburn today. We had massive amounts of fun. We ate and shopped at Ikeda’s. I got some exciting stuff, like dried fava beans so I can make ful and dried whole peas which I’m soaking already so I can try sprouting them.

Then we walked on some hiking trails near rivers and through woods and sat reading and writing and all that kind of thing. I saw the most beautiful and awesome manzanita trees. I will remember their excellence forever. I also saw the confluence of two rivers, which delighted me.

But Erik couldn’t tell me the names of the rivers. There was a signpost there like there used to be a sign saying the names of the rivers, but someone took the sign.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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