Dangerous Compassions

tulip trees

First I photocopied while Erik meditated in the car. The price is right, but the copy machines leave much to be desired. I think I need to find a new place. Last time I had a problem with margin creep. This time I thought everything was fine, but today while I was collating and folding I realized that it had happened again.

Then we went to a few stores, and I bought a little stationary. My favorite are some lotus notecards. Erik looked at Japanese buckwheat hull pillows.

Then we went to the botanic garden in Tilden Park and ate our sandwiches then walked in the garden and sat on benches reading and writing. I told Erik how when you first go to a new botanic garden you’re all dazzled and excited and maybe overwhelmed, and then the more you go there, the more you get to know it, and some of the excitement goes away, but comprehension gets better.

Then we went to early dinner. We loved this Indian-Pakistani place for so long, but I think this might have been our last time going there. Erik says he doesn’t like the way his body feels after eating that heavy food. So maybe we will start going to vegan Japanese all the time though it’s much more expensive.

Then we went for a dusk walk in neighborhoods. The tulip trees are blooming.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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