Dangerous Compassions


Yesterday H picked me up at 1, and we went somewhere in East Sac so she could pick up some stuff for the clothing exchange from her friend’s porch, but the friend forgot to leave it out.

Then we went to her place, my first time seeing it–she moved in November. We squeezed orange juice and drank it. She listened to the longest voicemail I had ever heard.

Then she brought out crafting stuff, and I got obsessed sorting buttons. She has a huge button jar. I liked the metal ones and shell ones, the wood ones. We found two that had a lion and a unicorn on them.

We listened to Sufjan Stevens and talked. I pet Purrcey. I stared out the window at the ivy.

Then it got dusky and she had to take me home because she had to get ready for the clothing exchange party. She said she would look for headbands for me.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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