Dangerous Compassions

two weird things that happened at the park

1. After I walked I was sitting at a picnic table reading a zine when two cops pulled up. They were driving a large POLICE truck over the grass. The one in the passenger seat said to me, “There’s been a report of someone shooting a gun here. Have you been here a while?” I said yes. “Have you heard anything?” I said no. “Obviously you’re talking to me–your music must not be on very loud,” he said. Then they left, and I saw another police car on the street.

2. While Erik was jogging a news person with a camera man asked, “Do you mind if I interview you?” and asked Erik some questions about vacation time. Erik said how he scores standardized tests and doesn’t get any vacation time, and the interview was short.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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