Dangerous Compassions

two things that pissed me off today

1. I was waiting for that book, and it finally arrived! But the person who packaged it lacked common sense. She didn’t bother to use enough paper and left the corners exposed. Not like it got beat up in the mail and the corners busted, but she actually wrapped it that way! What a jerk! Not only that, but she taped the paper onto the cover. I’m not super particular about my books–I don’t expect mint–but putting tape on a book is just not done. In fact, in the PaperbackSwap instructions, it specifically says not to do that. Oh well.

2. A librarian was rude to me. I had trouble downloading a CD from the catalog, so I asked her for help. She told me they don’t have CDs available for download from the catalog. Like, does she think I just made that up? We came home and I asked Erik for help and we were able to download it. She needs a lesson in how to be nice to people and a lesson in what services her library offers. Anyway, I listened to the first three songs on the CD and I don’t like them at all. (It’s the Clumsy Lovers.)

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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