Dangerous Compassions


I’ve been researching sprouting lately. I hear it’s very nutritious. I’m having trouble finding some info that’s super easy to understand for a beginner. I got caught up in a site called Sproutpeople that seems extensive yet the writing style (or maybe the site’s organization) doesn’t work well for me.

Today and tomorrow Erik’s working outside the home. I slept in until after 9 this morning. My shoulder is still hurting at times but not as bad as yesterday. It was hard to sleep on my left side, and I slept on my back sometimes, which made me snore, and Erik woke me up.

Rainy here. I need fresh ginger if I’m making mushroom curry for dinner. We have so many excellent foods my parents gave us at Christmas time that it’s difficult to know what to make. I mean there are so many good choices.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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