Dangerous Compassions

Today I spent hours fooling around on this site.

It’s a lot like postcardx. It’s a fun way to give and get mail from strangers who are mail art people. Well, I haven’t gotten any mail yet (I just joined today). But I’ve sent some mail already, and since it’s like postcardx, I feel sure that mail will be coming my way soon.

Today we went to the thrift store so Erik could get a USB keyboard–he found one! And I got a cute orange-brown teeshirt with a square neckline.

This evening we went to McKinley park to talk. We spoke of poetry, volunteer work, to do lists, self publishing, and friends. Erik wants to look at a lot of my poems and select some to make a chapbook. I need to get a bunch of Erik and Laura-Marie Magazines together so he can do that.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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