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I’m Wide Awake

This morning I walked to Morse park. I brought a backpack with some breakfast in it, a notebook, some zines. I read zine Mistaken for Straight by Chantel G, which was well done, and wrote her a short letter about it. I enjoyed listening to the birds chirp, and it was good to be out and get some sun. I saw magpies. There were kids playing at the play structures on the other side of the park but otherwise almost nobody there.

Erik’s sick. Last night he had a fever, though I don’t know how high because the thermometer is long lost. He’s working today, unfortunately.

I listened to a Bright Eyes CD called I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning. On it is the first song by them I ever heard, the song that I heard on a satellite radio station called The Coffeehouse during the long trip, the song that made me want to hear more of them. I like the quality of the lead singer’s voice, the way it sounds like he’s about to cry all the time. Lots of good new music lately.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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I thought your post title might be about Bright Eyes. I like that song too and found some more of their stuff, mostly on compilations. That led me to Abra Moore's "Melancholy Love" on an Austin City Limits CD at the Flagstaff Public Library.

My old commie roommates said the lead singer is a dick, that as soon as the band became popular he got rid of everyone else. I dunno if this is true, but Scott used to book bands for venues. I think he does once again.

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