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big change at the lib

Well, it feels like a big change. They put in three new self-check machines where there used to be one. (This is Arden-Dimick, our main library but not our favorite.) They’re putting the requested CDs out on the hold shelf. Before, they were behind the counter, I think because of theft. But now they’re out, available for self-check. LINK books are still behind the counter. They have only one worker working the check out counter, and if you’re just checking out a book, they direct you to the self-check machines. Someone offers to teach you how to use them.

Today I had to wait in the line kind of a long time because the person in front of me had something complicated going on. And I was returning a LINK book, so I needed a receipt. I also had a LINK book waiting, so I couldn’t just use a self-check machine. Oh, and I needed to pay a fine. I guess it’s possible to pay fines online now by credit card, but I wanted to break a twenty.

So it feels really different now, and I assume it’s budget cuts, and now they can have less people working there. I think it’s sad. I like the workers who work the check out, and it’s colder to use the machines, though they are nifty.

When we were there on the weekend, there was someone sitting in a chair near the entrance–she had a sign saying something like, “Library Help.” I didn’t make eye contact. I assume she was a friends of the library volunteer, there to take some pressure off the workers?

Listening to Of Montreal. It sounds kind of like the Beatles right now. The album is Gay Parade.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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