Dangerous Compassions

he announces he bounces

This morning I went to the second half of worship and all of choir practice. It was the first time J did worship with a microphone, and it sounded terrible. I think anyone hard of hearing should just sit up in the front row. There’s no need for amplification. Wonder whose idea that was.

This afternoon we went to Temple coffee. It was fun to be out. I worked on a letter to my penpal K in Finland. Then we went to Central Library. I browsed the “for sale” books, something I like to do to get ideas of what to read. I looked at the music and didn’t find anything. (Recently I’ve requested CDs by the Shins, Bright Eyes, Sarah McLauchlan, and Of Montreal inter-library loan. Can’t wait.) The library closed on us. I checked out Ella Enchanted, which was highly recommended by a friend. It’s a kids’ book.

Now I’ve got rainier cherries, and Erik made me a sandwich for dinner. Listening to a summer mix by my friend R in Portland. Just finished reading Narcolepsy Press Review IV 2009. Tonight we’re going to a talk at SBMG by a zen guy we like named Jim Hare.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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