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new bracelet

The other day, on the drive from Flagstaff to Colorado, we stopped in Four Corners and I got this cute bracelet. I’m afraid the photo is poor. It’s got beads and juniper berry seeds. I’m super charmed by the juniper berry seeds. It was three bucks. At Four Corners, my mom seemed to want to take my picture at that precise four corners place, but I was not into it. The woman I bought the bracelet from was so nice to me. She put it on me and told me about the juniper berry seeds.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Did you get fry bread?

Fry bread power!

I was at Four Corners last month and got me some with honey (not vegan!).

Nope, didn't get fry bread! We weren't hungry. Maybe next time. When I used to live in Bishop and taught on the res, and taught community college off the res, we had Indian tacos last day of class one time, made with fry bread, and so tasty. I've made my own–it takes a lot of oil–haven't made it since moving here to Sacramento, so at least five years.

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