Dangerous Compassions

safe in Colorado

Hi, friends and family! Here I am in Colorado. Today’s the day of the wedding. There’s a whole-day itinerary. I am not going to the breakfast, the parade, or the water slides/setting up. I am going to pictures, the wedding, the reception….

Last night we slept here. The night before we slept at a hotel room in Flagstaff. I got some postcards. Saying goodbye to Erik was tearful. But I’ve been fine so far.

Here in Colorado, we’re staying at a rented house for the week. I like the house, though there’s a deer head in the livingroom. Another quirk is the crucifix in the dining room. I have never been in a house with a crucifix. It makes me sing in my head the Freddie song, if you know what I mean, from Nightmnare on Elm Street. There’s no cell phone reception here. Sad face. But Erik can call me on the house phone. Only problem is the battery only lasts a few minutes (it’s cordless). So there are challenges to overcome.

Last night my little niece M stayed over here. I had my earplugs in and didn’t hear when she fell out of bed in the morning. She is very sweet. This morning they painted their nails. Last night she tried on all the clothes my parents bought for her. Also, my mom brought out some glowing bracelets they plyed with. M is scared of bugs, so I caught a moth for her and put it outside. But when I opened the door, another moth flew in.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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