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getting ready for my trip

It looks like I’ll be taking the train to San Luis on the first, and my parents will pick me up at the train station there.

Today I was researching nutritional info of fast food places in case I’ll be eating at fast food restaurants. So much sodium.

I’m requesting some Playaways from the library so I’ll have audiobooks with me. The train ride alone will be eight hours. So I need lots of listen to. I’ve got Madame Bovary, which is eleven and a half hours, and just requested Interpreter of Maladies, which is only six and a fourth hours. Reading Lolita in Tehran is eighteen and a half hours, which would be great. I actually have the paperback of that book, from a freecycle book box years ago, and I should take a look to see if I would like it.

I haven’t SAT scored much today. I don’t know if I’ll meet my goal. But Erik’s going to try for four hours (after he gets home from working the other job). Then he’ll work just short of 10 hours tomorrow. Busy. I’m on page 14 of the manuscript I’m proofreading, 14 of 70. Getting ready to bail on The Unconsoled. If I don’t get to like any of my characters within the next ten pages or so, I’m outie.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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I do not know the word "playaways," and "freecycle" is new but self-explanatory. I think you'll like Interpretor of Maladies.

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