Dangerous Compassions


Today reading the wrapper of my Luna bar I learned a new word: molybdenum. I guess our bodies need to have it in order to function. But if you have too much, it interferes with your ability to absorb copper. And if you have too little, you might get esophagus cancer. Anyway, the people who make Luna bars think it’s important.

I have been curiously trying the different flavors of Luna bar. At a dollar each, they’re pretty expensive–but they’re convenient, sweet, and have protein. Kind of like soy yogurt. Today I had Cookies ‘n Cream Delight, and it was like an oreo cookie, kinda. I thought about making myself some chocolate haystacks and decided to eat a Luna bar instead. So it satisfied a cookie craving.

Listening to the Cure, taking a break from SAT scoring before my final half hour of the day. Washed dishes. Walked in the morning. Tomorrow my friend P is dropping off an interview manuscript for me to proofread. I was on a free business card site and thought about getting some business cards printed, and what would I say on them? I don’t need a business card for making zines. So I thought about saying “editing and proofreading” but I don’t have enough confidence.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

One reply on “molybdenum”

I recommend ordering the free business cards and having them say "editing and proofreading" on them.

You only have to give them to people you want to give them to… right? What do you have to lose? They're free.

Go for the gusto.

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