Dangerous Compassions

karma yoga day, secret ingredient, almond meal pancakes

This morning at karma yoga day, I worked with P–we trimmed some vinca on the sides of the path on the Shiva mound. I dug up some vinca that was growing in the wrong place and transplanted it some other place where we need more–hard work with a big shovel. I watered that area. And we talked.

Then was lunchtime. Some beans were stellar. I asked B what he used to season them, and he told me his secret was a mix of sambar spices. So I plan to go to the Indian grocery and pick up some sambar spice mix.

Another star was the brown betty. I don’t know what fruit was in it–rhubarb? Well, that’s not a fruit, but you know what I mean.

Then choir practice was canceled for lack of attendance. Erik was at the fair. He came home, and we took a nap. We were both exhausted.

Then I made some almond meal pancakes that were a failure. Well, we ate them, so I guess they weren’t a complete failure. Erik said something like, “No more random recipes off the internet.” I noted how the maple syrup seemed so, so sweet because the pancakes weren’t bread-like so the syrup didn’t soak in. What caused the failure was probably the fact that I used egg replacer rather than eggs. Sometimes egg replacer works–sometimes no.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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