Dangerous Compassions


Erik said if I start writing, I’ll figure out what to blog about. Today I had yoga. First we went to Smart & Final for onions, which are ten pounds for a dollar. We also got tomatoes–two pounds for a dollar–and avocados–four for a dollar. We didn’t go beyond the sales that tempted us there.

Then yoga was good. We worked hard–it was more intense than usual. Afterward we went to a Japanese store Erik likes called Oto’s. I was self-conscious even more than usual because I was wearing exercise clothes. We went for broad beans, which we found, and Erik ate a whole bag while finishing Seven Samurai this evening.

Then I took a nap known as Yoga Nap. I dozed.

Then we went to McKinley park, where I walked only 20 minutes. Then I wrote in my journal while Erik finished his run and started reading Carrots and Condoms #2

Then was women’s writers group. S came late. H worked on her zine. We planned a collaborative project, and I was very quiet. People make an effort to include me, which is very sweet, but sometimes my mind gets overloaded and I’m incapable of articulate thought. At times I disassociated a little, which I hadn’t done in a long time.

Tomorrow is a free day. We talked about going into the mountains, but I don’t know if we will. Friday is a shit day. I’m getting a female exam–I haven’t had one in about six years (which is bad–it’s supposed to be every year). We have some household tasks that need to get done that we’ve been dreading.

Friday night is Samiti Satsang. Then Saturday is a board meeting. I need to get ready for that by working on the agenda, and new membership lists need to be ready by then too.

Then Sunday we’re going out of town, which I’m looking forward to, though I have a more-than-reasonable amount of anxiety about the car breaking down during a trip.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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