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odd day

This morning I wanted to take the truck to the park. (Erik’s been working an in-person job.) So I got in the truck, but I heard a weird sound and looked into the back and saw the rear passenger window had been smashed in. So I realized I wasn’t going to the park. I walked one street over to drop some mail in a blue mailbox. Then I went into my apartment to think about what to do. Well, I decided to go for a walk to think about what to do. Once I got down the street a ways, I realized I needed to call the cops, so I better turn around and go back home.

I realized that when the police came, they might want to see my registration and proof of insurance. So I looked in the glovebox and couldn’t find proof of insurance. I went back upstairs and looked for the little slip from GEICO but couldn’t find it. I decided I needed to call Erik. So I called him, but he didn’t answer. I called him again and again, thinking eventually he would get sick of the vibration in his pocket and answer the damn phone, but he didn’t answer, so I decided he must have left it in the car and called his work and said there was a bit of an emergency. I found out later that that scared the shit out of him–when the worker told him his wife was on the phone and it was an emergency, he thought someone died.

Erik came home and helped me. I was too scared to call the cops. He called the cops for me. He also got the printer set up again so I could print out proof of insurance. But we didn’t need it–no one came out after all. They got all the info they needed to make a report over the phone.

So then Erik went back to work, and I called the insurance company to verify that this wasn’t covered, and they gave me the number of an auto glass place and told me it would cost around a hundred dollars. Well, the auto glass place said $245.90. I agreed, and we set up an appointment for Monday.

Then I talked to my mom, and she said to call around, so I called around and found a place that’s coming out tomorrow morning and will only charge $169. We’ll see how that goes.

So that was my morning. I was edgy and unhappy. Then I tried doing laundry, but the coin thing jammed. I tried for a long time to make it release my dollar fifty, but to no avail. How annoying.

Then I baked a vegan carrot-ginger cake. It was a lot of work: breaking up the walnuts, peeling and grating the ginger, grating the carrots. But it’s somewhat meditative. I think it helped me feel better. At least it gave me something to do. I was too wound up to read. I was just waiting for Erik to come home from work.

Then in the evening I went to my friend K’s place. She was making a meal out of the produce from her CSA box, and I was a helper. Then I was an eater. Everything was so tasty. I think I liked the pasta dish best. I think I liked the asparagus best. Also, it was interesting to eat a vegan carrot cake other than my own–K and her friend whose first name starts with the letter I had baked a vegan carrot cake before I got there. They put frosting on theirs (at our place, we don’t do frosting). So it was different.

I was edgy to be around people but happy too.

This morning (to get achronological) when I woke up, I thought, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say it’s raining,” because it sounded like rain. And then as it turns out it really was raining, though it wasn’t supposed to. So that was an odd beginning to an odd day.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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that is so strange and crappy about the window being smashed!
the way you write is so amazing though. I love when you said you were a helper, than you were an eater 🙂

Hi! Thanks for your kind words about my writing and about my day. The glass fixer is supposed to come put in new glass this morning.

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