Dangerous Compassions


Yesterday in the morning I did morning things. Then at high noon I met a new friend: Coco Negro. She makes a zine called Carrots and Condoms. Issue one is mostly about permaculture. She is the second Sacramento zinester that I’ve met, and she’s a really nice person. We had a good conversation that was cut short because I said I’d meet Erik in one hour. We should have left it open-ended–oh well.

Then we went to P’s place to drop off the last manuscript I edited. It was good to see him and talk about birds. We saw some doves outside his window at the feeder, and a goldfinch, and a finch with lots of red. He showed us pictures of the birds he and J used to have when they lived together and people kept giving them birds.

Then we came home and I baked. I baked cornbread and cookies. The cornbread was my usual whole wheat vegan cornbread, and the cookies were vegan sweet potato and carob chip. (Do I even need to say vegan? I guess anyone who stumbled across my blog wouldn’t know I’m home-vegan, so I’ll keep saying it.) The carob chip ones are usually pumpkin carob chip, but I didn’t have any pumpkin and used canned sweet potato puree instead, and they turned out great.

Then there was a meeting of my womens writers group. I brought the cornbread and the cookies and two cans of vegan chili. So we ate those foods, and they were delicious. The other two women had cheese on their chili. And we put margarine on the cornbread, which H had heated up in the oven so it was nice and warm.

After dinner, we were all feeling tired, and the actual writing didn’t go so well. I wrote a poem in which I articulated some things about myself that I had never articulated before, so that was useful, but I don’t know if it’s good as art. I wrote some other things I’ll need to look at later.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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I had gotten some mail from coco the other day, she seems like a really great individual!

I really enjoy your blog, the writing style, the attention to detail. I dunno, it’s just the little things that make it worth reading. Keep it up 🙂

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