Dangerous Compassions

shilly shally

Last night I had nightmares about being at an evil grading factory. A memorable line was, “I think they’re going to take us into different rooms and torture us.” I had to meet with the big boss supervisor and seek his approval, but he was maniacal, and I was very afraid of what he would do to me.

Today and tomorrow Erik is working outside the home. I need to figure out whether I’m willing to take the truck out considering Erik has the cell phone (at times like these, it would be really good to have two cell phones). The truck’s check engine light comes on a lot, and it worries me. But maybe I should just chill.

I need to go to Vedanta to talk to Swami and take whatever it is he has for me. I also need to go to the post office to send some zines and cards that really need to be sent (birthday card to Nana will be late anyway, unfortunately). And I didn’t walk yesterday, so I really need to walk today.

Speaking of the truck, it needs to be smogged, but I’ve heard they won’t even try it if the check engine light comes on? So I guess we need to take it to our mechanic so he can do whatever needs to be done for the check engine light to come off before we try to smog it. It’s never a good time.

We’re probably going back to San Francisco this week to see our Portland friend A again because he’ll be there for business again this week and next. No day is very good, though. I’m worried the only possible day for him will be Thursday, which will mean I need to flake on my writers group. They are so important to me, but A lives so far away that seeing him is also so important to me. And there are Erik’s feelings to consider too.

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