Dangerous Compassions

the recital

Every year in November, my friend L has a recital at his house. This year my friend P was playing a Mozart sonata, and I was turning pages. So that happened. I didn’t make any mistakes, and I was happy to help. I’m glad that’s over with, though I enjoyed seeing P often to practice together.

The choir sang two songs–“Eight Stanzas to Bhavani” and “Nanya Spriha.” I think we sounded great.

Swami was there. He was wearing his light orange Swami clothes. He sat in the same chair he always sits in. Before we ate, he led us in prayer: a chant called “Om Brahmarpanam.” The food was great.

The other most interesting thing I remember from the recital was a sweet Christian song sung in Cantonese. Something hard to forget was a complete, dramatic performance of “Rhapsody in Blue.”

Over all, it was a fun experience with a great crowd, but I had a hard time being in a small space with so many people for a few hours. I was glad to leave.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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