Dangerous Compassions


Today when I was driving home from the bookstore listening to some song off State Songs by John Linnell I was thinking how awesome it must feel to be so incredibly talented and successful.

It rained! I was so glad. We ran errands. I had to return The Veganomicon. Also, we got cat food from the pet store and pumpkins from Smart & Final.

Watching They Might Be Giants videos and chatting with my friend A. The other day Erik realized that you can listen to any song you want to using YouTube. I tried to prove him wrong. I suggested “Sat In Your Lap” by Kate Bush, one of my very favorite songs, and it was there, with the real video and everything.

I have so many things I need to do. I’m terribly neglecting them! I’m going to make a master list, and I predict that it will have 54 items on it.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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