Dangerous Compassions

chorizo rice

I was just researching pumpkin soup recipes. This recipe for Curried Pumpkin Soup sounds really good. I would use vegan margarine instead of the butter–no prob. This one for Vegan Pumpkin Coconut Soup looks super easy–wonder if it’s any good.

Anyway, today was the best mail day of recent memory. I got a surprise postcard from G in Brooklyn, a much anticipated letter from J in New York, a long longed for letter from C in Bishop, and a poetry zine from C in Kansas. Heck yeah!

Yesterday in the morning we went to McKinley Park to walk and write by the duck pond. Today we did the same. This aftrernoon I worked at the Vedanta bookstore, my first shift in three weeks because I didn’t volunteer during SAT scoring. I didn’t have any customers, but Swami came in to ask that I do a special project that took only a few minutes, and R came in to offer me some chocolate. I ran into M outside, and he taught me about air filters on lawnmowers, totally random lesson there but welcome.

We ate chips and guacamole then chorizo rice for dinner, which is so delicious while being so easy: cook up some white rice, and fry up half a package of soy chorizo. Put rice on two plates, and split the chorizo between the two plates. Stir well. Add hot sauce, if desired. You have made a meal for two people! I invented this dish when we became vegan and could no longer have chorizo and eggs.

By Laura-Marie

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