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this is what love is for

Today after our walk we went to the dollar store. We got eggplants, lemons, asparagus (don’t know where asparagus is still growing, but I’ll take it), lightbulb tomatoes, plums, kiwi fruit, spinach…. I found some beautiful Arizona postcard books, bought one for me and one for my penpal who collects postcards in Idaho.

For breakfast I made vegan cornmeal blueberry pancakes, but we happened to have raspberries, so I used raspberries instead of blueberries, and they turned out not quite as good as usual but still very tasty. Next time I would cut the raspberries in half.

For lunch we had spinach salad, bagels with avocado and red pepper spread, and a kiwi fruit. It wasn’t quite ripe enough.

I intended to go to Vedanta today to work in the library, but I don’t think I’m going to make it. My desire not to go is just slightly larger than my guilt at not going.

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my aunt I. She sent me something she got for me for my birthday: a hardbound journal for women with quotes in it. She also sent forever stamps and a lot of envelopes, some of them stamped with 38 cent stamps (left over from her daughter’s wedding invitations–little envelopes for the RSVP cards). This package was a happy surprise. In her letter she thanked me for being one of her son’s best correspondents. Her son’s my cousin S who’s in prison. Her thanks made me feel good inside. Unfortunately, I’ve slacked off in writing to him. He sent me a letter last month that I kind of lost and only recently found.

The dollar store we go to raised their price from 99 cents to 99.99 cents. I think we can afford it. Right now they have tons of Halloween stuff: candy upon candy, orange plastic jack-o-lantern buckets for candy, decorations. We don’t get trick-or-treaters, or we would probably give them something dumb like Halloween-themed pencils. I like to carve pumpkins but don’t always get to it on Halloween. I think the past few years I’ve been late.

We got our offers to score that November SAT. Erik said, “Happy fun time!” I already had it on the calendar.

By Laura-Marie

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I bought Halloween pencils last year but also had candy to protect us from bitter trick-or-treaters who might not have appreciated pencils. But it turns out they did think the pencils were cool.

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