Dangerous Compassions


Today we scored CSET. I had a read-behind that wasn’t good. It was embarrassing, and I almost cried. Then I almost cried some more. By afternoon I felt mostly better but still on red alert in case of further reprimand, so my stress level was higher than usual. I decided I’m never going back. Now I’m not so sure. Home again, there was mail from them inviting me to three scoring opportunities in November. They all conflict with SAT scoring, so maybe I’ll say no to all–I haven’t talked about it with Erik yet. Erik is such a wizard that he can do both. (He was invited to all three also.)

For dinner I had a delicious vegan cookie, a coconut macaroon. It’s made by Alternative Baking Company, and I got it at Whole Foods. I bought an assortment, last Whole Foods visit. The cookies are large.

Erik watched the debate. I made him rice with mushrooms for dinner. I read a zine and read a book called Vocabula Bound that my best friend E gave me for my birthday. I’m finding it more whiny than I thought it would be, and more conservative, but still engaging. Just a page or two ago it was dissing Derrida.

Erik’s telling me that the independents thought Obama won.

Here is a fun game that involves sorting colors. I got a 16, and Erik got a 86.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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