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my presents

My parents gave me many presents. My mom made me a beautiful brown shawl and matching hat. My mom also crocheted for me a bag made out of bags. This is the second one she’s made for me, and I love them. My parents also gave me a bunch of postcards and some stamps. And they gave me some delicious caramels from Colorado. I forgot them (they’re in my parents’ freezer). And they gave me seven pounds of apples (five pounds of Mutsu, two pounds of Johnadel–the Johnadels were actually for Erik). And my mom bought me a pair of tennies when we were at a store (TJ Max?) looking for barrettes. All of this is in addition to my usual gift of Costco food. Wow, my parents really spoil me.

My best friend E gave me Vocabula Bound and a book of poems called I Meant To Say by my friend Amanda Laughtland. She also gave me a beautiful homemade card, some aloe vera incense from India, a packet of bath salts, and some stamps. She spoiled me too–she tends to.

My favorite Finn sent me a wonderful package in the mail, and it included a Moomin mousepad, a Moomin book, a strawberry cake card, and birthday balloons that say “Laura” on them.

I got two books in the mail from my friend M in Brooklyn: Witches, Midwives, and Nurses by Ehrenreich and English, and Word edited by Jocelyn Burrell.

My grandma sent me a check, and I still need to decide what to spend it on. I got cards from my cousin who’s in prison, my penpal C in Guatemala, my penpal S in Idaho, and my friend H in Sacramento. Can you believe all this love? And I’m 32 now.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Welcome to 32! (I’m 32, too.) It was such a neat surprise when E emailed me about the chapbook. I wish it weren’t out of print. Your mom’s crocheted bag is awesome! Best wishes for a good, good year. 🙂

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