Dangerous Compassions

home safe

I had a fabulous birthday weekend with my parents. I also got to see my best friend E–we went to the park.

Some highlights were enchiladas, cheesecake, apples, and beautiful crocheted warmnesses. The lowlight was slight car trouble: a malfunction light came on this morning, and I think we need to take our car to the mechanic. (I was super worried the whole drive home that the engine would stop.) But Erik’s working Tuesday and Wednesday, and we’re both working Friday, so I need to call the mechanic and see if Thursday is okay.

So, Washington Mutual is in trouble? Too bad that’s our bank.

I got my first random order for functionally ill #3 today. It’s as a result of the review published in the new Zine World, which I haven’t seen yet. The order is rude. It begins “DEAR SIRS.” Zine World should publish something about basic zine etiquette.

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