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thinking about going vegan

I was reading up on it online. The main challenge would be cheese. As it is, I eat a cheese sandwich for lunch most days. So I would need something else to make a sandwich. Eliminating butter would be no big deal. Ice cream would be fine–the soy kind is tasty.

We would not be strict vegans–we would demote ourselves to vegetarians while eating out and at my parents’ house.

Tonight we went to Whole Foods–I got some vegan margarine Earth Balance, some vegan mayo (a different kind from the kind I tried a couple months ago), some fake salami for sandwiches, a container of lemon soy yogurt to try. Oh, and Ener-G egg replacer for baking. I had been longing for egg replacer for baking for a long time.

I have actually been thinking about going vegan for a while, paying attention to which of our meals are already vegan. I think we would be fine, and as a bonus, I think we would be healthier. We eat too much cheese, or at least I do–maybe Erik’s okay.

How does Erik feel about this? “I want to try it out,” he says. “I welcome it.”

Through the zine community I’m familiar with veganism–I’ve seen plenty of vegan recipes in zines. Sometimes it seems like vegans are the norm, when it comes to zinesters. We could be straight-edge vegan punks without the punk part.

I’ve also seen lots of vegan blogs. I know there’s support out there. It’s not a super unusual thing anymore.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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try Soya Kaas Mozzarella. Its the only soy cheese that melts and has good flavor. there is also cheddar and some other flavors. 🙂

soy decadent is good vegan ice cream they have about 20 flavors and soy garden soy butter is the best butter around. to be successful in being vegan is to take your favorite recipes and just replace the dairy with the soy. that you dont have to change what you eat or your favorite foods and make crazy vegan foods that no one would ever eat! tofutti has the best sour cream and cream cheese out there. silk milk vanilla is good soy milk but if you like skim the whole foods original brand is exactly like skim, its good with cereal. ener-g egg replacer is the best egg replacer out there in terms of baking. tofurky has good turkey and other deli meats. there are also other brands for sausage, seitan, shrimp, chicken, fish fillets, buffalo wings, chicken wings, hambergers, breaded chicken patties, tofu’s, etc, as im sure you already know 🙂

Thanks for these recommendations! I have never tried anything made my Tofutti–maybe that will be what I try next.

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