Dangerous Compassions


Today we went to Roseville to do forms for our main employer. They’re making all the online workers redo their I-9 forms. Something about heightened homeland security BS. Like a terrorist would commit acts of terrorism by scoring SAT essays? I must not understand.

New zine website, social networking, looks good, called We Make Zines.

Erik wanted me to watch Obama’s speech with him. “Is it okay if I make fun of it the whole time?” I asked, and he said yes, but it still wasn’t worth it.

Tonight I made chorizo and eggs for dinner, soy chorizo which is very good. We went to the dollar store today for produce. I got lots of green grapes, some mushrooms, some zucchini for making more zucchini bread, a bunch of asparagus. Don’t ask me how asparagus is being grown so late in summer. Erik got two cantaloupes. Usually the melons there are small or look old, but these ones seemed healthy.

I am so close to finishing Erik and Laura-Marie Magazine #44 that I wish I was just done now, but I’ve got about three fourths of a page to go. I will read more zines to fill the page with zine reviews, is the plan. Today in the mail came the coupon I was wishing and hoping for: Copy Central’s four cent black and white copies coupon. So I’m ready to go.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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