Dangerous Compassions

Fox & Goose again

This morning I had a dentist appointment, which I had been dreading, which goes without saying. The hygienist was out, which means the dentist himself gave me my cleaning. The good news is that I have no cavities. They do x-rays there once a year–is this normal? For some reason, I thought more like every other year. Anyway, we have no insurance of any kind, so I paid, and it was $209.

Then we went out to lunch at Fox & Goose Pub. We both had the Welsh rarebit, which is an English muffin covered in Welsh rarebit sauce along with some onions and black olives. So tasty. Then we shared a dessert called burnt cream, which is their specialty, and we loved it. It’s like when I was a kid and got doughnuts with cream in the inside, like that, but better.

It was Erik’s first time at Fox & Goose, and he liked the ambiance. The ceilings are very high, the building’s brick, and there are lots of old beer ads. I think it’s beautiful. It was my third time there. My first time was with a woman who was my friend for a very brief time. We met online, and somehow things fell apart–I don’t even remember her name. The second time was just recently with my women’s writers group.

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