Dangerous Compassions

where does the time go?

We successfully traveled to my hometown–I’m using my parents’ computer, which runs Internet Explorer as opposed to Firefox, so my spelling isn’t being checked–please pardon the egregiousness.

We stopped in Santa Cruz like usual to eat lunch at Sri. My mushroom soya and eggplant moju were first rate. Erik got the same. I treated myself to a mango lassi to go, and it was surprisingly not sweet. I think I’ve gotten a mango lassi there before that was sweet, so it must vary based on who prepares.

Here, we watched part of a South Park once Erik found the comedy channel. We took a walk in the eucalyptus fields. It smelled like my youth. At night, I took a bath–there are air jets, so it’s fun. Then Erik took a bath too. Now it’s past our bedtime, and where did the time go?

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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