Dangerous Compassions

karma yoga day imagined

Yesterday while I was working at the bookstore, Swami came in to return a DVD. He asked if I was coming to karma yoga day, and I couldn’t say no, so now I’m committed to doing yard work tomorrow. I’ll probably work with my good friend P. Karma yoga day is an annual event where people come meditate then work three hours then get delicious lunch. I don’t know if I’ll last three hours–maybe I’ll work two hours then come home for a shower and home lunch. And I know I’ll skip the meditation. A complicating factor is that there’s choir practice at 1:30. So I’ll be there all day! And it’s SAT scoring time. Oh well–I’m getting seriously burnt out anyway.

This morning I wrote a very positive review of Not My Small Diary. I was feeling down on myself the other day that my reviews are boring, but I did some rereading / editing today, and they look pretty good. I have eight out of about 12 done.

Today’s supposed to hit 102 F (38.8 C). Tomorrow’s supposed to hit 96 F. Could be worse.

By Laura-Marie

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