Dangerous Compassions

married forever

Today we were accosted by Mormons while nearing the end of our walk at the park. There were two, and they were wearing their dress up clothes, near the duck pond. We saw them talking to other park-goers and thought we would escape. But the talkative of the two struck up a conversation with Erik, and I have never come across a more aggressive one. “Are you married?” he asked.

“Yes,” Erik answered.

“One of the teachings is that you can be married forever. Wouldn’t you like that?”


“You don’t sound so sure about that!”

Erik kept repeating that we were familiar with LDS and weren’t interested, and the guy wouldn’t give up. Erik said goodbye, but the guy kept following us and kept talking. It was really unpleasant.

I remember when we lived in Bishop, there was a pair of Mormons who visited me sometimes, and they were really nice. Eventually I explained very clearly how I wasn’t interested in converting. They were great about it.

So anyway, I was surprised at the behavior of the one at the park today.

This morning I had a p-doc appointment. It went well. One of my doses was upped. I also saw my caseworker to do a form for a fee waiver for that huge bill I got last week.

Today we went for water, to the bank for quarters, and to the library for some requested materials: getting ready for the long project that starts tomorrow. We’re nervous about qualifying.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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When my brother got married, he and the wife lived with us (my mom and I) for a few months. One Saturday morning, as they were entering their car, two male mormons apprached them and asked them the same questions they asked Erik and you. Of course they believe/wanted to be married for life and probably more…they were just married!! and were in that dreamy phase. But even when they sounded sure about it, they didn’t stop. My brother and Silvia began to be a bit scare of the insisting mormon, and quickly got into the car, and the mormon almost got himself into the car as well! strange situations indeed. Anyway, felt like sharing that because of your pretty much same experience. 🙂

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