Dangerous Compassions

happy doesn’t have to have an ending

Yesterday my friend A was in town. I went to lunch at a Mongolian BBQ place with her and her husband and their two daughters. The older daughter wasn’t eating, and the husband was anxious. So A was worried about them, and I was too. But I liked sitting next to A and talking to her a little bit.

Then we went to Davis. I watched the kids while A was with the doctor. I was outside the car, and the kids were in the car. The little one happily played. For example, she crawled into the driver’s seat and pretended to drive and stick CDs in the CD player. The older one and I talked for half an hour. She told me about karate and birthdays. I asked her if she wished she had red hair like her sister.

Then we drove back to Sacramento. We went to a Peet’s so A could get some coffee. The kids got dessert treats: a large chocolate chip cookie and a scone. Then A took me home. We hugged goodbye in the Dairy Queen parking lot. I worried that the crazy lady would espy us and wish us ill.

At night there was a meeting of the women’s writers group. We three walked to Naked Lounge. On the way, the H whose house we meet at stopped to pick up trash and touch plants and smell flowers. She made us wish on dandelions. I told her, “You’re so good at liking things.”

This morning we needed to jump the truck because the battery was dead. But when I got into the truck to try one last time, I got it to start. So we drove to Trader Joe’s for eggs and bread and bananas, and Erik stayed in the truck so we could leave it running so the battery would charge. Then we went to the library so he could look for tax forms, but they didn’t have any. We ended up getting forms at the post office.

So today he did taxes while I worked at the bookstore. And he’s done. I’m very pleased with him.

Something bad happened, though. I got a bill in the mail yesterday from county. It’s for all my medication from April through November 2007. It’s for more than $2500. Erik and I were shocked. But I called my caseworker today, and we’ll do another fee waiver form and see what happens.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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