Dangerous Compassions


Last night my friend A was in town because of some doctors appointments. I got to meet her new friend S. They picked me up, and we went to dinner at a Thai place. My yellow curry had a delicious sauce, but the veggies were underdone. I liked meeting S because she is very nice. She asked permission then touched me on the nose. And she gave me a good hug goodbye though we had just met. I have warm feelings about her.

And it was good to see A. She was downright chipper, being around S, and I felt like we were teenagers together. The good news is that A will be back for more doctors appointments tomorrow, so I get to see her again. We’re supposed to eat Mongolian BBQ in West Sac.

Scoring CSET was painful at times, but I survived okay. I had caramels to eat. Lunch with T was good: I like him. He’s a very serious person. We sat under the redwood trees and munched our catered food. Yesterday was Mexican, and it was pretty good. Today was wraps, and I didn’t care for them.

I started reading a book today that was recommended to me by my friend AJM in New York via her blog things to do while waiting for the unattainable. It’s called The Emperor’s Children. So far it seems like a movie I would never want to watch. But I’m going to stick with it at least a few more pages and see.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Thanks for the call-out, buddy! I hope you stick with the book, and maybe try listening to the Slate podcast? That really helped me get into it. It’s one of those books that definitely got me to start writing like a madwoman, there are only a few that are like that for me. How bout you?

I’m going to post a new novel review tomorrow, hope you enjoy!

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