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happy anniversary

This morning we went for a walk through Santa Anita park and the residential area behind it. On someone’s front lawn we saw two turkeys. “Whoa,” I said. “What?” Erik asked. Then he saw them. There are no wild turkeys around here, so they must have been pets. They looked very calm and content.

Then we went to lunch at Thai Basil. It’s our six year wedding anniversary. I had a green curry with eggplant and tofu. Erik had a mushroom dish. We talked about friends, philosophy, identity, social networking sites.

Today I got some super-good mail. My friend A in Hillsboro send me a letter, a CD she made me “spring mix,” and cute pictures of her little boy.

Erik’s upset about his unemployment forms. He’s scrutinizing and saying bad words. It’s unusual to see him pissed. Now he’s pacing around in the kitchen. I think he’s going to make some tea.

Tonight there’s a puja for Sri Chaitanya. I think I’m going to skip practice and just show up to sing.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Happy Anniversary!

Have you or Erik considered teaching online? I think that Axia College through the University of Phoenix can be a good place to get started in online-only teaching work.

Thanks! Your idea of online teaching is a good one. I did it once before and failed miserably. It was a bad quarter, for me. But maybe that’s something Erik could try. I appreciate the thought.

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